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Grand Seiko SLGH017 “Night Birch”
Autor Wiadomo¶ć

Imię: rmwatch
Nazwisko: rmwatch
Doł±czył: 11 Kwi 2022
Sk±d: new york
Wysłany: 08-07-2022, 12:40    Grand Seiko SLGH017 “Night Birch”

Grand Seiko expands its birch product line again with the launch of the SLGH017 “Night Birch” In what is quickly becoming a very expensive Pokemon game, it should come as no surprise that Grand Seiko ha s announced a new mens replica watch
from the Birch family. The capitalization there is intentional, because I think we now have a proper noun for honesty-to-goodness, rather than just a description of dial style in the larger Grand Seiko collection. Following the two White Birchs (High Beat and Spring Drive, with a slightly different dial texture) and the Green Birch, Grand Seiko ha s added a fourth watch to its ever-expanding collection of watches, this time in black.

First off, Grand Seiko's preferred name for the watch, in reference to SLGH017, is "Night Birch" rather than Black Birch, which is of course what many on Instagram are saying since the first images started leaking publicly last week. According to the According to the brand, the grey and black of the dial are meant to represent the night scene in the same birch forest taken on the original watch. It's not a "black birch" at all, it's certainly a completely different tree. Likewise, the green birch is a glimpse of the white birch in midsummer, but since there isn't actually a tree called the green birch, Grand Seiko's color naming convention applies to that particular reference. On a personal level, I'm happy to call it Night Birch, so as not to be confused with one of my favorite restaurants: Kittery's Black Birch, me.

Like other Birch perfect replica watches, the dial ha s a dramatic texture, the product of repeated pressing with precise force on the brass base before being given a thick lacquer-like coating for added depth. The texture on Birch watches is not subtle, so you really have to notice this very specific pattern every time you look at your wrist. But if that's your thing, nobody does it better than Grand Seiko. Execution of any Birch is always second to none.

The case here ha s the same Evolution 9 silhouette as the other Birches, which is to say it's wide and sporty, but ha s many fine details in the finish. Unlike other watches, however, the SLGH017 is made from Grand Seiko's high-strength titanium. In my opinion, that's the real story of this watch. Grand Seiko's use of titanium is a very special thing - they are one of the few brands that can finish titanium in almost the same way as steel. It was incredible to pick up the Titanium Grand Seiko and realise that there was little to no loss in the Zaratsu polish and the crisp transition from facet to facet. Of course a titanium watch would be much lighter than a similar steel watch, which is impressive in different ways,

Make no mistake: this is a luxury watch. The Evolution 9 watch represents the best of Grand Seiko's case and dial handling, as well as a showcase for the best of its movement technology. The Night Birch is powered by the 9SA5 high-frequency movement with Grand Seiko's exclusive Dual Impulse Escapement. It is the most advanced purely mechanical movement currently made by Grand Seiko and, like the rest of the cheap replica watches, is finished to an extremely high standard. It's also rated for +5/-3 seconds per day and boasts an 80-hour power reserve.
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